Elevated elegance
The weight of luxury
Complement of excellence

Price: 55 / 50ml

Tester price: 2 / 2 ml

The scent is nearly hypnotic. It resembles a tailored, silken shirt. Like a hand-crafted, leather armchair, in the magnate’s bureau. How does it smell? Describing it is thorny. Undoubtedly: it is a scent of leather. However a one of its own. Sandal wood, cedar, patchouli and musk intertwining each other form the base of the scent. The note presiding over them is agar (oud), whose uniqueness needs no introduction. The composition is softened, eased by bergamot and by cilantro, cherished over the millennia. Despite otherness, the ingredients together form a harmonious unity. Doubtlessly eminent, and in our opinion – nearing perfection.