Further use depends on your personal preferences and the sensivity of individual sense of smell. This instruction is not obligatory. It can be freely suit to your own taste /preference in terms of the amount of perfume application, as well as the frequency of use.
Remember that, as with all fragrances we get used to the scent of it and we no longer smell it markedly as we did before. However, does not mean that the perfume is not perceptible by other people.

Our perfume have got EU Certificates, which ensure you that our product is fully approved for use on a human body.
So if you only wish to smell just like your car and the fragrance suits you – Go Ahead!

Apply perfume keeping 20 centemetres distance.
Use it 5-10 times applying On the car rug or other internal car elements covered with upholstery in the leg area.
DO NOT APPLY perfume on the car seats, dashboard, middle tunnel, all elements covered with leather, alcantara (textile type of suede), plastic or other sensitive/delicate material.
Our perfume is 100 percent natural, therefore it contains natural dyes which can make stains on the above-mentioned elements.

To take full advantage of our product, we recommend you to repeat the entire procedure on the next day, and then again after three another days.
As a result the fragrance will stay in the car for a long time and all the fragrance notes will be fully noticeable and durable.
We recommend repeating the process of “Perfumization” every 2-4 weeks.